A Flexible Approach

Would you say you’re flexible in your approach to life?

I’m not!

Flexibility is a constant journey for me.

As an advocate for being organised, I struggle when things don’t go as planned. I know I need to learn to be more adaptable and that’s something my laidback husband is always encouraging me to do.

When we approach life from a position of ease, we develop an innate knowing that we can adjust to whatever life throws at us. We can gracefully navigate our days and any obstacles we encounter are less likely to push us off course.

There’s the old adage about two trees that I think this is extremely fitting here. One tree moves freely with the wind in a storm, while the other refuses to bend and its branches eventually snap under the strain.

I know I need to release my attachment to making sure things go exactly as I planned – life just doesn’t work that way. Instead, we need to use being flexible to our advantage. Rather than rigidly sticking to our guns, we must work with the new set of circumstances we are presented with, and seek out the best way to reach the desired outcome.

Stretching our bodies to become more flexible is commonplace and we must strengthen our minds to do the same. With this in mind, how can you try to be more accommodating as things unexpectedly change?

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