Change is Afoot

Tomorrow, I meet with the CEO to find out my fate; redundancy or a significant change in job role await.

In uncertain times like these it can be hard to remain positive, but we must always trust that the Universe knows best. It will provide us with the assurances that everything is working out for our highest good if we’re willing to see and hear them.

I visited one of my favourite bookshops, Foyles, in London yesterday.

Here, I sought out the Mind, Body & Spirit section where I’d spent many a lunch hour when I worked nearby. I browsed the books, taking in the wonderful new-book smell that filled the air, before picking up a copy of Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and settling on an exert titled: What Do You Want to Be?

In this particular story, Reverend Teri Johnson talked about a conversation she’d had with her young daughter.

Her daughter asked what she thought was a simple question, what do you want to be when you grow up, but Teri was somewhat confused. As a woman who is already a pastor and the mother of five children, she gave these as her answers, but her daughter soon grew frustrated by this.

It became clear that Teri didn’t understand her daughter’s question because her daughter still saw infinite possibilities waiting for Teri in her future. Whether she wanted to be a ballet dancer or an astronaut, her daughter didn’t see Teri’s age and life decisions to date as restrictions. She believed Teri could still go after anything she wanted.

This was just the reminder I needed and I’m very glad I stumbled across this story.

Have you had any signs from the Universe to remind you that things are working out for your highest good?

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