Did You Really Have a Bad Day?

Did you have a bad day or a bad five minutes that you milked all day?

It made me smile when I read this question on my Instagram feed the other day because I know I’m guilty of doing the latter. Something will happen in the first five minutes of my working day and it’ll throw me off for the rest of it.

For those of you who have watched the movie, The Secret, you’ll have seen this play out with someone stubbing their toe getting out of bed which puts them in a bad mood. As the day goes on, small annoyances occur and things continue to go wrong – adding more negative fuel to the fire. In the movie, it’s explained that as we focus on the negative aspects of our day, we’re drawing our attention solely to the negative and we’re not allowing any space for something positive to happen.

I love the wording of the Instagram question, particularly the reference to milking it all day, because I think it goes hand-in-hand with the teachings of The Secret.

Have you ever found yourself milking a bad situation for all it’s worth? There’s a tendency to focus on the bad things that happen so we can secure sympathy from those around us. We share the story with more and more people to get their understanding and confirmation of our point of view, but have you asked yourself whether this behaviour is really helping or hindering you?

I always say that letting things go is easier said than done, but how would your day play out differently if you were to start to let things go quicker than you do right now? Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with letting things go as much as the next person and it’s often not until I’ve had a cathartic bitching session with my husband that I truly (begin to) let things go, but I’ve read enough self-help books to know that there’s a better way…

So with this in mind, the next time your day gets off to a bad start, give yourself a few minutes to feel all the feels about what has happened and then make a pact with yourself to let it go there and then. As you go through your day, take note of whether this exercise has allowed you to approach the rest of your day with a more positive mindset than you would.

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