Give Yourself Some Credit

By now, you all know I love a good quote that I stumble across on Instagram, and I thought this one was a beauty!

You've handled everything

As someone who experiences anxiety, I love everything about this quote.

Fear can impact our lives in a number of ways. From holding us back from things that seem of little consequence at the time to crippling us in ways we can’t explain, it can stop us from reaching our true potential.

Seeing it presented in this way and knowing that it was true was very comforting to me. I have handled every situation that I’ve feared and I felt the need to give myself some credit for that.

Do you need to give yourself some credit too? My guess is that you do.

No matter the situations you’ve faced, you’re still here and you’re still breathing.

As Susan Jeffers says, feel the fear and do it anyway, because you know from experience that you can handle it.

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