Good Sailors

I attended a mindfulness class recently where I explained that I find mindfulness and meditation really works if I’m feeling alright generally. If, on the other hand, I’m in a bit of a spiral, I usually need to do something else to dispel the excess energy before I can sit down comfortably to meditate.

The teacher smiled and commented that he was reminded of a quote which says that we’re all good sailors on a calm sea. It is only when we’re put to the test and a storm approaches that we truly feel the benefit of the skills we’ve been cultivating while life was peaceful and placid. It might be harder to put into practice during the stormy periods, but the more we practice as a whole, the better we become at implementing.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

I have a repertoire of tools and techniques that I know will help me to feel better within myself, but I also know that I’m guilty of ignoring these tools when things are going well. It’s only when things take a turn for the worse that I remind myself to utilise all that I already know. For me, my go-to’s are yoga, meditation and dancing in my kitchen to loud music. What are yours?

Would you say you’ve been guilty of neglecting the things that bring you peace recently? What’s something you can do today that you know you’ll benefit from?

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