Misunderstandings and Missed Opportunities

I have just finished listening to Last Letter from Your Lover by JoJo Moyes on Audible. After struggling to get into the book in the beginning, I spent my Sunday cooking and baking, and getting more and more engrossed in the characters’ lives as the day went on.

The central love story of the book focuses on a couple who embark on an extra-marital affair that, rather unsurprisingly, seems doomed from the off. A combination of bad luck and well-meaning, but interfering friends prevent the couple from starting a life together – that is until a journalist stumbles across one of their love letters decades later and endeavours to find out what happened to them.

Throughout the book, you constantly find yourself wondering if they ever find happiness together, and it was obvious that this would never happen without clear communication between the two. There’s a moment in the book, where the main female character feels she has done all she can to show her lover how she truly feels and she perceives the ball to be in his court. Due to a number of events, her lover never finds out about her attempts to reach him and he interprets her silence as rejection.

It got me thinking about situations we might find ourselves in where we’re not as open and honest as we could or should be with the other people involved. When was the last time you held back saying what you really felt out of fear?

The example from this book provides some food for thought because if either one of the characters had refused to take no for an answer and had reached out just one more time, their lives might have been completely different.

Misunderstandings and the fallout from them occurs when you don’t talk openly and instead interpret what the other person is thinking based on your notion of the situation. We can never truly know what another person is thinking unless we ask.

Regret is something that can eat away at you when you look back on missed opportunities – whether it’s matters of the heart or something else. With that in mind, is there anyone you haven’t been completely honest with of late? Can you push yourself to reach out to them one more time, explain why you feel the way you do and see what happens?

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