Move Your Body

Anyone else follow Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) on Instagram?

I always find him to be very motivating, especially when he’s tired with a new-born baby and he’s still encouraging everyone to move their body.

Today he reminded us to:

‘Stop telling yourself reasons not to exercise and remind yourself how good you’ll feel afterwards and how much more energy you’ll have afterwards.’

January is a good month for me and exercise; partly because of the New Year motivation and partly because Yoga with Adriene always does a 30 day challenge – and I need this kind of accountability to stick with it.

Doing the YWA challenge works well for me because the daily videos are posted at 6am meaning I can do it in the mornings before work. I never get sweaty enough to require washing my hair afterwards – a serious bonus! And, I don’t have to think about which exercise video to choose on YouTube because that’s decided for me. In short, all my excuses not to exercise are stopped in their tracks.

And guess what? A week in, I really do feel better!

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate my life a little when my alarm goes off an hour before I actually have to be up, but in no time, I’m happily settled on my yoga mat, focusing on my breath and I feel good. Even after today’s video which, in my opinion, was crunches hell masquerading as yoga… I still feel good.

I know that when you’re already feeling exhausted, exercising is the last thing on your mind, but Joe is right that you do feel better afterwards.

So, with that in mind, how are you going to move your body today?

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