On The Right Track

“You can’t go around being what everyone expects you to be, living your life through other people’s rules, and be happy and successful.” Wayne Dyer
This is such a simple and logical premise, and yet it’s something that we all find so hard to put into action.

When did you last agree to do something, not because you wanted to, but because someone asked it of you or expected it of you?

We’re all guilty of doing this from time-to-time. We all find it hard to say no and we hate to feel like we’re letting people down, but committing to being yourself isn’t a bad thing.

If you commit to yourself and your goals, you’re on the right track. Agreeing to things that take you off this path, move you out of alignment with what you truly want and leads to frustrations.

You plant the seeds for growth in your own life with the thoughts you think, and if you’re bogged down with feelings of anger and resentment this is what you’ll attract. And, we all know these feelings only gets worse when you find yourself in a situation that you never wanted to be in because you agreed to something you never wanted to do in the first place…

If you’re focused on what will make you happy, that is what you’ll get, so keep that in mind the next time someone in your life asks you do something that will take you out of alignment with what you really want.

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