Otherwise you would never have moved…

Last week I said it felt a little surreal getting back into our normal routine after the wedding, but, in all honesty, it’s been a struggle.

With wedding planning done and dusted, I have found myself at a little bit of a loose end and wondering what I can do to fill my time. Don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me because I know I was downright craving this time before the wedding but, isn’t that always the way?!

My feelings have been somewhat exacerbated by the fact that, on the week I returned to work, a colleague handed in her notice and had started a new job within the week. I’m not gonna lie, I was incredibly jealous that she was going off to start a new and exciting challenge, but, this morning, I saw this quote on Instagram:

“I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved” – The Universe

It reminded me that sometimes we need a good old push to get out of our comfort zone, and feelings of frustration are a sign that something needs to change.

How could the way you’re feeling right now be a sign? If you’re happy, what can you keep doing more of? If you’re sad, what do you need move away from? If you’re frustrated, what can you do to make a change?

I know I need to be doing more to pursue my interests outside of work, and to get back into the things that I spent my time on before wedding planning took over my life. For example, I haven’t picked up a pack of oracle cards in months and that’s not like me.

Are there any hobbies and interests of yours that you’ve neglected because other parts of your life have taken over lately? What can you do today to get back into them?

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