Patience, please

This week, I haven’t been in the office because the redundancy consultation process is taking place. 

Being at home, alone with no distractions, means that I’ve been confronted with the realities of being ‘jobless’ for the first time.

Vulnerable is the word that I would use to describe how I’m feeling right now. Although I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason, I really wish I had a crystal ball so I could see how things will actually pan out over the next few months… 

When I feel like this, I try to regain a sense of control by taking action.

I’ve updated my CV, registered with recruiters, uploaded my CV onto job sites, and submitted applications for all relevant roles out there at the moment. But, now what? 

Now, I must do what I should’ve done in the first place – slow down and give myself time to process this latest turn of events. 

Alex reminded me of this when I voiced my concerns about not knowing what to do next. He smiled and told me that I have two months to find another job, I don’t need to make it happen on the first day… 

The Angels reinforced this when I pulled an oracle card entitled ‘Patience, please’. Here, it was explained that what I’m asking for is coming about, but I must have patience because there are unseen factors that must occur first. 

Is there something going on in your life where you feel a little lost and not in control? Do you also need this reminder to slow down and take a breath?

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