Slowing Down

Frustrated – that’s the word to best describe how I’ve felt this week.

I’ve always advocated for slowing down and taking stock of where we are instead of ploughing on regardless, but I realise now that I have in no way been practising what I preach.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives in such a short space of time, and this forced slowing of pace is definitely testing.

I have, however, been getting daily reminders that slowing down is only ever a good thing.

Being at home has allowed me to appreciate the changing beauty of our cherry blossom tree as it continues to grow and bloom.

Queuing to get into shops has allowed me to indulge in a spot of people watching which I do so love.

Last night I meditated under the Full Moon and the surrounding silence allowed me to relax into it without any disturbances.

Afternoon walks whilst trying to maintain social distancing have allowed me to slow down even more as I must embrace the pace of those ahead of me in the street.

In what ways have you been reminded to slow down and take notice of what’s around you?

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