Slowing Down

Alex and I spent this weekend in Copenhagen – somewhere I’d recommend to anyone if they have the chance to go!

The city’s history is evident all around, with stunning architecture and cobbled streets combining to create an idyllic setting.

As we wandered around the city’s streets, I felt a similar sense of peace as I do in many other cities on the Continent. There’s an innate knowing that life is lived at a slower pace. The frantic, impatient pace of London, or any other UK city for that matter, wasn’t present as people casually made their way about their day.

I felt wonderfully relaxed while we were away, but as soon as we landed back in Edinburgh, my mind started racing with thoughts of when I could do the Christmas food shop, buy those last few presents and make time to see friends and family over the next couple of weeks.

For all the joy and happiness that Christmas brings, stresses come with it too, so it made me smile when I got into work today and my daily quote calendar had these words of wisdom to share: “The muddiest water clears as it is stilled. And out of that stillness, life arises.” Wayne Dyer

All too quickly I had left the calm and serenity of Copenhagen behind and fallen back into bad habits that lead to feelings of anxiety.

Anyone else guilty of doing this?

I needed a reminder that stillness is good and we don’t need to be racing around in order to get everything done.

Whenever I feel myself operating from a place of stress, I’m going to try to channel a Copenhagen resident and remember to slow down. Could you benefit from doing this too?


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