‘Tis the season…

I wondered what to write when I realised a blog post would fall on Christmas Day, but then I read this from the lovely @bodyposipanda on Instagram and I knew I couldn’t say it any better.

“Today, I want to hold a little space for the people who aren’t feeling merry or joyful and might be wondering how they’re gonna get through the holiday season.

The people who lost someone this year and are bracing themselves for the first time without them.

The people who are going home to guaranteed body shaming and fatphobia.

The people whose mental health issues won’t magically disappear just because it’s Christmas.

The people with eating disorders who are worried about holding onto recovery when everything is so food-centred this time of year.

The people who are struggling to afford every day life and might go into debt trying to keep up with celebrations.

The queer kids who aren’t able to fully be themselves around family because it might not be safe.

The people gathering strength to fight against racist comments round the dinner tables.

The people who don’t drink anymore and will have to keep explaining why because who doesn’t drink over the holidays?

The carers, the retail workers, the hospital staff, everyone working extra time under extra pressure for not enough extra pay.

Anyone who’s just feeling overwhelmed and like they can’t keep up with it all.

I see you. And I want you to know that it’s totally okay to feel exactly how you feel. To get through this year however you can. To protect and preserve yourself whenever you are able to. And to take this season a day at a time.”

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