When Drug Dealers Provide Blog Inspiration…

I was making the most of my lunch hour today and decided to take a seat on the Quayside Seaside. As I soaked up the sunshine, I settled in for a good half an hour of people watching. It’s always a great spot for this pastime, but it was particularly enjoyable today because I found myself sat next to a group of people who were openly talking about being drug dealers. To put this in context, the Quayside is also where the Law Courts are located here in Newcastle, and this specific group were on a break from their court proceedings and were discussing whether they were likely to be sentenced today or if it would be delayed.

As I sat, casually eavesdropping on their conversation, I couldn’t help but wonder how I would react if I ever found myself facing the prospect of jail. For them, a bad day at the office is getting arrested by the police whereas I can get stressed when I know a deadline is approaching fast. Making this comparison, as superficial as it may seem, got me thinking about how we are all personally responsible for identifying what we perceive to be the stress in any situation and we all deal with said stress in different ways.

I felt stressed just trying to comprehend the situation that this group of people found themselves in, but, to them, it was nothing to worry about because they had faced this type of thing before – something is only stressful if we perceive it in that way.

With this in mind, how can you apply this perspective to something you’re facing at the moment? Can you take a step back and reduce the factors that you are identifying as stressful?

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