You win some…

You win some and you learn some

I love this play on the well known, “you win some, you lose some”. I think it struck a cord with me when I first read it because ‘you learn some’ feels more forgiving somehow.

You might have lost out on something and ‘failed’ in that precise moment, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t lessons that you learned, and key takeaways that you can apply moving forward.

Failures are a big part of life because if we never fail it means we’re never doing anything outside of the ordinary for us. We’re never trying anything new. If you listen to successful people talk about their journey to where they are today, you’ll notice the part failure played. They freely admit that they wouldn’t have got to where they are without a little trial and error.

Think back to the times you have ‘failed’ in the last five years; what did you class as a failure at the time, but now, with hindsight, you can see that you wouldn’t be where you are today without the personal growth provided by that experience?

Be gentle with yourself next time you ‘fail’ and look for what you can learn from the situation instead of berating yourself for not succeeding.

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